A Full Check Up on Your Vehicle with the Right Advice

At Church Farm Garage we tell you about all the parts you need fixed, and none of the parts you don’t…

Want to book your car in for an MOT with Church Farm Garage? Please call us on 01603 811 715.

Why choose Church Farm Garage for your MOT?

We are committed to providing you with an accurate and fully comprehensive assessment of your vehicle’s current condition.

This means that we won’t simply go ahead and recommend that you replace items like your tyres, brakes, suspension or corrosion under the car, but we will give you a full appraisal of how long they are likely to last in their current condition.

Regardless of whether you pass or fail, when we have completed your MOT test, we leave it to your discretion as to where you get your vehicle repaired.

However if you do complete the required repairs with Church Farm Garage, then we do not charge a retest fee, and we guarantee all work for up to twelve months.

Our standard MOT service costs £48 per vehicle (no VAT). It takes around 45 minutes for us to perform a full assessment.

During your MOT we are able to provide you with a full courtesy car for your use, subject to availability. All that we ask is that you pay for the petrol costs.

We recommend that you contact us at least 7 working days before you need an MOT to secure the time slot that is most convenient to you.